Tournament Tours & Support

Our Pro Tennis Academy is for players who are SERIOUS about their TENNIS?

  • A friendly and approachable team that really CARES?
  • An academy that can and has taken players from START to the WORLD stage?

Tournaments & regular competition are essential to the development of a tennis player. Teaching players how to deal with match pressures, compete and learning to win and lose is an important aspect of every serious players game.
Our experienced coaching team can work with you to plan an individualised yearly tournament schedule to help you gain the most out of your training and tournament events

Tournament Tours

We take care of it all. Just register for the tournament and sign up for one of our tournament tours, we travel to events outside of Brisbane regularly.
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Full Tour includes

  • Accommodation & Breakfast
  • Travel to the event and internal travel
  • Coach supervision
  • Coach support and training at event
  • Goal Setting and Strategy

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