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  • Pro Tennis Development: For 8 - 11 year old players wanting to start playing fixtures, tournaments and improve their game FAST:
  • Pro Tennis: Our flag ship program aimed at players serious about their tennis and looking to gain regional, state and national rankings
  • Social Tennis: Get active, make some new friends and have fun on court. Thursday evenings 6:30 - PM at Ambiwerra Tennis Centre ONLY (for intermediate to advanced)


"Whether you are a novice to an experienced season tennis player, Lifetime will provide you with the opportunities to reach your potential, improve your fitness and game. The team at Lifetime Tennis invest in the love of tennis through professional coaches, fitness experts, individual development all while maintaining their integrity as the premium tennis development centre. Instilled in their framework is skilling students to have the right attitude, the right fitness and the right game plan. I would highly recommend Lifetime Tennis if you want to be the whole tennis player.”

Liz Peapell

“You guys do a great job. Graeme's and the teams talk was so topical and inspirational.

This training/discipline is great for kids in many facets of life. Helps them to try harder (even with their school work)

Thanks again!”

Phuoc Vu


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