Do i need to win to make the best teams?

Currently around the world college coaches are viciously pitching their colleges and their programs to thousands of student athletes, trying to recruit the best of the best. So does that mean you should be getting insane results and competing for amazing teams? Will that draw attention to yourself?

Yes, you must compete to the highest level you can. Remember there are so many levels within the college system, and as a result there are so many bench marks for student athletes. Regardless of the division, college coaches have requirements and many students are after the same goal!

However, before you think about winning or being selected for the best teams, your attention should be focused on doing the little things right to a high standard in order to perform!

Go down this list and say yes or no:

  • Is your nutrition to a high standard?
  • Do know what your eating each day what what your body requires?
  • Is your strength and conditioning training program outside your sport specialised?
  • Do you have a balanced training schedule each week?
  • Do you warm up properly to prevent injuries and to enhance your performance level?
  • Are you prepared to compete to a high standard in regards to:
    • Drinks?
    • Food?
    • Equipment?
    • Do you have a post game analysis with your coach?
    • Do you stretch down after competing or training and take the necessary recovery measures?
    • Do you train with purpose and intensity?

If you answered “No” to these questions, then forget about competing for great teams or winning matches, your overall performance will not be high! If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then you are on the right track!

If you do not prepare yourself, or give yourself the best opportunity to perform at the highest level then you are losing the battle to being recruited to the best college for you. Another prospective student athlete is working harder and trying to get that scholarship before you do!

Also on a side note, college coaches make sure they recruit athletes with a professional mindset. They are willing to invest scholarship money to athletes who may not get the results but do these little things right. And how will they know? Through people like us and by asking your coaches!

So in conclusion, try and answer “yes” to these questions and see the difference!

Stay in the moment, keep it simple and watch your performance levels increase!

Thanks to article author Amrit Rai from Platform Sports Management

Amrit Rai | Director of Platform Sports Management

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