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Do i need to win to make the best teams?

Currently around the world college coaches are viciously pitching their colleges and their programs to thousands ...
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What’s better Division 1 or 2?

The Current Problem Many students around the world always see Division 1 as the primary goal, ...
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Understanding my own tennis game

So, you want your coach to tell you how to play the game. The answer is ...
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Urgency & Commitment 2

Hi everyone, Firstly thank you for reading part 1 of Urgency and Commitment, if you have ...
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Is Tennis a Tactical Game or a Technical Game?

Hi everyone, Over this holiday period I have witnessed a broad range of competitive levels of ...
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How to find time to improve?

Using your available time more efficiently during the school holiday breaks. With school days becoming longer, ...
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Pat Rafter Serve

5 Reasons to get a better tennis serve and how to do it

Hey everyone > thanks for reading, enjoy! In recent blogs I have referenced the need for ...
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Urgency and Committment

Please enjoy part 1 of a coaching paper written by LifeTime's founder Gary Stickler. This is ...
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John Millman and Jason Kubler

Millman & Kubler US Open!

Congratulations to some former and current LifeTimer's! John Millman currently ranked ATP 52 and Jason Kubler ...
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7 Things You Can’t Leave Out Your Bag!

With school holidays and tournament time approaching, this is a good time to think about what ...
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Performance Tennis Players

Performance Tennis Camps

Brisbane's best tennis camps. Join Australia's leading tennis coaches this holiday to improve your tennis. Brisbane's ...
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Gregory Terrace Tennis Camp Playera

Holiday Tennis Camps

GPS Gregory Terrace Tennis Clinic LifeTime Tennis is running two separate tennis clinics at Gregory Terrace, ...
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Why is tennis so frustrating?

Everyone who has ever played tennis has also been frustrated by it. Anyone who has ever ...
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Talking to yourself? Why it matters and how you can do it better

Have you ever wondered who a tennis player is talking to? During my time at lifetime, ...
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Training Programs and Structure

In my last blog I talked about the competition aspects of the sport and the requirements ...
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Tennis Tournament Group

Rocky | Bundy Tennis Tour

Rocky & Bundy Tennis Tour Join our team of coaches in travelling to the QLD State ...
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Why we do what we do!

What is it that LifeTime Pro Tennis Programs do? Why are they designed the way they ...
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Why am in this group? How we select players into classes

Many players and parents often ask why players are put into the groups they are designated ...
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How to get the PERFECT restring

The perfect tennis racquet restringing - Lets start! String tension is the pressure that string is ...
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Long Term Athletic Development of a Tennis Player

WHAT IS LONG-TERM ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT? There are three things that are important by the time young ...
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Tennis Players High Five

7 People you need in your Tennis Team!

Being a performance tennis player is so much more than hitting tennis balls. It is extremely ...
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Brim’s Top Tips

There are a number of key outcomes that the modern professional player tries to achieve throughout ...
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Physical Development of a tennis player

Without a doubt tennis is becoming an increasingly physical sport. There are few sports that require ...
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Privates VS Squads

Over the past year there has been a significant spike in parents and players wanting more ...
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